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My day rate with expenses covers one day on job, a full set of first prints of the candids and formals in a preview album, and the negatives. My shooting fee is due the day of the wedding.  Expenses, which include the cost of film, processing, albums, and incidental expenses, are due upon delivery of the preview album(s).  My day rate for a wedding in the year 2011 is as follows.

A wedding of 125 +  people, is $1300 for the day, plus expenses ( processing, and albums, essentially), the latter usually adding up to about $300-355: About $1600-1700 for the whole event. A wedding of this size usually produces about 350-450 pictures, in two albums, plus digital CDs , with both full and websized files.

Weddings of 60-125 people are rated at $1100 for the day plus expenses.

Weddings of  below 60 attendees are $900 for the day plus expenses.

Ceremony only is $500 plus expenses.

Reception only is $500 plus expenses. 

Payment:  A refundable deposit of $400 is needed to firmly book a date. 

Please note that I do not normally supply a formal finished wedding album with the pictures in it. 

I also do not keep the digital files or negatives , preferring to deliver them to the bride and groom with the "preview" prints.  I do archive your photos.

I can create a finished album if desired, but the attendant costs add to the total cost.
I can and will produce a "finished" 15-20 page album if the client desires, but my minimum total fee for that will be $1800. The final cost of the album will be determined by what type of album the couple wants. The advent of the digital age has resulted in a huge variety of output options, from traditional albums with inserted photos, to four-color printed books, done via online printing houses. The options, layouts, and styles are endless.

Most of the couples I do weddings for either have an album, or know that they are getting one for a present, and want to put it together for themselves. They consider their album an extension of themselves and their wedding, and prefer to produce  it in their own fashion. That's why I don't insist that you get a finished album from me right off the bat.

This does require some hand work by the couple, but I have found through the years that people really enjoy putting their album together. Having the negatives on hand also saves them quite a bit of money in reprint costs further down the line!

I shoot most of a wedding in 35mm, most likely digital, perhaps film, because this works well for the fast moving candid end of things. Formals are usually done in medium format (2 1/4 x 2 1/4, 120, 6x6 -- are all the same format) which enlarges very nicely. This is the format you want for those "over the fireplace" pictures.

What you DO get for a finished product is a nice large selection of 4x6 print "proofs" in a preview album, ( from the digital / 35mm --though they are finished prints in their own right)  and another album with 5x5 prints (formals) in it.

I am a photojournalist by training, and my idea of photography for a wedding is to try to be the proverbial "fly on the wall." I try to be there when something is going on, not  stopping and posing the action, but just letting it flow. I am known for my candid work, and clients frequently comment that I am very good at capturing details and moments.

There are some pictures, such as the formals, that require posing. This will be done as fast as time and circumstance will allow. A basic set takes about half an hour.

Formals can be done before the wedding, but this requires that everybody be dressed and ready to go a minimum of two hours before the wedding. Remember that travel time is a factor, as is shooting time, travel to the church, repairing of any details, and relaxation time for the bride prior to the service.  It adds up!

I recommend a  minimum set of formals consisting of :               

The Bride and Groom
The Wedding Party
The Parents, with Bride and Groom (together, and each set of parents separately)
.Divorced parents being a common occurrence these days, it behooves the bride and groom to sit their respective parents down in advance and explain the situation, asking for their forbearance on this special day, allowing for the sensitivity of the situation.

I can pose them anyway the couple would like, but if the parents situation is still tense, will usually recommend that a set of  parents "bookend" the bride and groom for one picture. I then will have one parent,  then the other, step out for their individual pictures with the bride and groom. This works quite well.

Having gotten this far in the process, if time allows, family photos are a good thing to do. If  all the grandparents, siblings, spouses, and kids are there, they can step right in. Weddings make for great family photos, and are a good historical record.

When it's all said and done, if everybody that is to be photographed is there and ready to go, the whole session can be done in 30-45 minutes. Off to the reception!


Notes:  I supply a copyright release with the negatives, so reprints should
                      be easy.

                    Black and white is getting popular these days, and is always
                    available. There are even a couple of different ways to handle that!

                    I am always available to help with your reprints or album
                    assembly, by phone or in person if in the Portland area.

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