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 Large Format

Why large format?


Large format originals are nice because they allow one to make MUCH larger prints than would be possible with 35mm originals.
It's simply a function of enlarging: To make an 8x10, you have to enlarge a 35mm frame about 8 times. 
A 4x5 needs just a 2x enlargement. 
120, or Medium Format, needs a little under 4X enlargment.

       This is a 120 frame This is a 35mm frame


This larger size means that one can make prints that are 6 foot and larger in length, and they  will still look great!
Where 35mm would start to "fall apart"  at sizes over 3 foot length, 120 still looks good, and 4x5 can keep
right on going.

Of  course with special software, and much computer processing, even 35mm originals can be made very large,
10's of feet high or long.

I've done a number of large format aerials for conference rooms in the Portland area, up to 6 feet long, and they look great.

The usual question is "What's the budget?"  Larger formats mean more cost per exposure. ($15.00 or so for one 4x5) .
Smaller formats cost less up front, but mean more computer processing, at $60 plus per hour.

Printing, lamination, and mounting costs go up correspondingly with the increase in size, as does shipping if I have
to have the print done outside of Portland.