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                                                     I actually got into photography by mistake in high school the summer of 1966,
  passing by the school darkroom by chance when checking on my schedule for the following

 A guy named Dave Mayack was in there processing film. The smell of the fixer coming out
 the  door was intriguing, and I asked what he was doing. "Processing film!" was the reply. I
 said that I thought that was interesting, and he told me to "come back tomorrow, and I'll
 show you how to do it."  I did, and I was hooked.
  I became the school student photographer, filling in  when the pro couldn't make it to
  games, or whatever. 

  For some reason the school had a 4x5 press camera,  which, combined with  the medium
 format and 35mm cameras I had at home, gave me an unusually wide range of experience
 in photographic formats at the young age of 15.

High school segued into the Air Force, because I didn't want to hump a rifle around a rice
paddy in Vietnam. The war was in full tilt, and I knew I was headed for trouble if I got drafted. I managed to do well on a
"by-pass test" while in basic training, entirely because of my high school photo background (especially with the 4x5).
That allowed me to go right to my permanent posting rather than another 4 months of "technical training" and mickey mouse,
which I would have had otherwise.

Unfortunately, I got sent to McConnell AFB, in Wichita, Kansas.

Let me say that I really appreciate the efforts farmers of the Midwest make to feed the American public. I am glad they like their
endless flat, fertile  fields. But, having grown up on the side of a 1000 foot deep valley 5 miles wide, with great views, the flat endless waves of grain quickly became a green hell. (It was about 100 degrees in the summer, going  to minus 10 in the winter, with a constant 30 mph wind. That unless there was a tornado blasting through, of course....)

After 2 years of film processing, printing, passports, aerial, medical, dental, industrial, and accident photography, out of
sheer boredom  I wound up volunteering for Combat Aircrew duty, just to get out of Kansas. My fellow airmen thought
I was nuts, but it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done.

I was stationed with the 600th Photo Sq., Combat Documentation section, out of Tan Son Nhut AFB in Saigon. Our job was to document the Air Force war effort  in the theater, which was comprised of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  We did rescues, bomb damage assessment, accidents, battle damage, pictures of planes, the "Vietnamization" effort (our training the Vietnamese); anything that the effort needed.

I did bomb damage assessment for the 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron Covey FAC (Forward Air Control)  out of Pleiku in the central Highlands  for the first 3 months in country.  They worked the Ho Chi Minh trail in the tri-border area of Laos , Vietnam, and Cambodia.