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Large Format


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Saco Bay and Biddeford Pool, Maine

Aerial Photography             see rates         see samples

    Aerial photography gives the viewer a perspective unknown from the ground.
   The volume of information available in an aerial as to a sites location, surroundings,
   access points, and general environment, make the aerial photo a valuable tool for
   real estate sales, builders, engineers, or just those looking for an interesting picture to
   hang on the wall. The more "arty" one are in my portfolio.

                                             Kittery Trading Post, Kittery, Maine   Click on picture for larger view

    They are also a good way of documenting a projects progress, especially if the project
    is very large, or lengthy. 

    For general sales brochures and small prints needing fast turnaround times I usually
    shoot "35mm " digital.

    Larger prints I usually shoot with a medium format camera and film, as film still has a
    snap the digital sometimes lacks when enlarged over 20".


    Recently I have started doing large format aerials, where I shoot a 4x5 original image,
    scan that to a very large digital file, and print from that. These prints are VERY large, and
    can go to almost any length needed, as in mural size.
    For more information on 4x5 large format, click here.


    For the sake of economy, most aerial is shot from small planes, but helicopter platforms
    are also available for sites needing very low angles.