Aerial Rates


Fixed wing platform photography is $450 an hour. 

Cessna 172s are my plane of choice, and cover a lot of
ground in 60 minutes!  They have a minimum altitude of 500 feet over rural areas, 1000 feet over populated areas.

Helicopters are charged at $1000 an hour, but enable one to photograph from any altitude needed, which is
not allowed when using planes.  Helicopters have no minimum altitude, even over populated areas.
Please note that helicopter rates can change based upon the size aircraft available.

This rate is for Bell Jetranger, as of January 2011.

Turnaround times on pictures can be very quick when shooting digital.

Shooting film usually means a minimum of one business day, but depending on the time of the shoot,
color negative film shot in the morning can often be looked at in the afternoon.

Digital photography has essentially killed traditional film photography, so if color transparencies
are needed, film will be have to sent to Boston. There is no E-6 slide processing in Maine as of April 2009. 
Turnaround time for slide output will be a minimum of 4 days.