Brian Peterson Photography, LLC.  

                    160 Saco St., Westbrook, Maine  04092
                   207-856-2606 - cell     207-839-2605 - machine



                                           1981 to date: Freelance editorial / aerial photographer in Portland, Maine.
                                                    I specialize in commercial aerial photography and functions such as weddings, meetings, conventions, trade shows.  Some experience in catalog
                                                    photography. Much experience in technical copy work of both documents and flat art       Client list

                                                    1985-1990: Custom processor  for Just Black and White Photographic Lab, Portland, Maine .
Film processing, copy, and photographic printing at custom black and white lab that printed for local photographers, businesses,  state and national
                                                    museums and historical societies.




     January 1978 - May 1981 : Photography Editor, Associated Press, New York. 
Responsible for management of regional, national, and foreign wirephoto transmission network news desks, supplying breaking
             news photographs to AP television, newspaper, and magazine  members on a deadline basis.
             Photo scheduling, selection, captioning, transmission.

    September 1973 - December 1977: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photojournalism;
             Minor in Offset Lithography . Associates in Applied Science, 1975.
Materials and Processes, Black and white processing, Color processing, Photographic Design, Photojournalism I and II,
                             News writing, Color Separation, Imposition and Finishing, Offset Lithographic Press Operation,
             Extracurricular: Reporter magazine, the weekly newsmagazine of the school . Staff photographer 1973-74, Photo editor 1974-1977.
                             Took the magaizine from black and white to all color in  Fall 1977.


    April 1969 - April 1973, U.S. Air Force Photographer. 
Photography in support of mission at McConnell AFB, Kansas: portraits, passports, aerial, medical,
                                      public relations, accidents, plane crashes, etc. Color and black and white film processing and printing.
                                      Supply and technical order maintenance.
                              June 1971-June 1972: Combat Documentation , 600th Photo Sq, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Vietnam :  Photographed Air Force war effort
                                       activities on a countrywide basis , for public relations and intelligence purposes.       
                              June 1972-1973 - Base level photographer, Langley AFB, Virginia. As per McConnell AFB above.

     Non-photographic work :
                                1973-1977, 1981; Summers : Bartender, Ocean Lobster Pound Restaurant, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Ran a small bar in a seaside lobster restaurant, working summers through college. Responsible for bar operation, ordering.
                                1981-1984: Lounge manager/ bartender at The  Newport Room, Executive Inn, Portland, Maine
Responsible for lounge operations, (bartending, doorman, supply, ordering) at a business hotel with two bars.
                                Summer 1984:  Bartender / doorman at  HuShang Disco, Portland, Maine
Responsible for door operations and bartending at the fastest paced dance lounge in the city.
                                Fall 1983 - Summer 1985: Video Express,  Portland, Maine   
                                         Responsible for customer service and video tape and machine rental . Also, delivery and setup of rental machines.
                                Nov.-Dec. 2010: Customer service rep for LL Bean, Portland, Maine  during their peak period of catalog sales.

     May 2012 to date: Fun and Sun Rentals, Scarborough, Maine. Maintenance of rental sailboats, kayaks, bicycles, standup paddleboards. Disassembly and parts salvage of
                                         derelict sailboats. Boat rehabilitation; fiberglassing, gelcoat, paint, electrical, plumbing,

   Competencies:  I have a good working knowledge of Photoshop, web design, some sound editing, and some film editing, Also:  Word, Excel, Works,
                                Powerpoint, and PDF Converter. Computer maintenance and trouble shooting.

                                I do my own auto maintenance (engine rebuild on up) , boat maintenance,  plumbing, carpentry,  electrical work,
                                some masonry, insulation, and  some roofing. I can weld (MIG and stick), and know oxy-acetylene cutting.

                                I can dive, climb, and fly a plane if I have to (landing will be rough).

    Other Interests: Running, reading, biking, climbing, computer science, electronics, web design, chemistry, geology, anatomy,
                                astronomy, medicine, history.