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      I grew up around sail boats as a kid- my father was an avid sailor, and moved boats for a friend once in a while. He took me along when he could.

      I got away from sailing once in the service, but now find myself drawn back to it. I've been shooting sailing courses for Outward Bound for 20 years, and  my wife recently got into racing, so we now have 25-foot Oday. Just for fun, not racing.....

      I'm learning the ins and outs of boat photography, but here are a few recent shots that I liked.


Portland, Maine has quite a sailing community, with boats of all sizes. There is a variety of marinas, with yacht clubs to match.

These pictures were taken during the Centerboard Yacht Club (South Portland) Wednesday Night Racing series in 2010.

Each team takes turns making a small dinner for the racers afterwards, which is a fun social occasion.